On-Site Finishing

CCC’s finishing capabilities give you the greatest degree of cost savings and flexibility when looking for a single-house solution to your manufacturing needs.

  • Powder Coating (automated and off-line systems) materials are available in a wide variety of formulations, textures, gloss levels and colors. Powder Coating is an environmentally friendly, attractive, durable, and highly scratch resistant. We use a 5-stage wash system with an iron phosphate conversion coating and a sealer prior to finishing.
  • Conventional Liquid Spray Coating (including Conductive Coatings used to control EMI)
  • Aluminum Chromate Conversion Coatings used for the protection of aluminum as either a finish coating or a pre-coat prior to painting.

With finishing on-site the need for packing, shipping and related activities required to send material out for coating is eliminated. This waste elimination translates into savings for the customer, savings for our environment and shorter lead-times.

Post-finish silk screen printing is also among our services offered at CCC. We can use your artwork, or produce the artwork in-house at CCC if needed.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements or, you can upload your drawing(s) online and get a quote.